and i walked the Labyrinth

Daily Nugget #131

and i walked the Labyrinth



this can be so many things.


it was both literal and symbolic.


while out walking

i was called to come closer.

‘walk with me’ it said.

so i did.

i am not one to argue with these kind of things.



walk with me i did.


i walked with myself

i walked with nothing

i walked with all beings from all times who have ever walked

the inner OR outer Labyrinth

which turns out to be



i pondered my previous Labyrinth walk.

i sped to the center


‘i don’t really have time to do this’


all of a sudden

i was there


i missed the whole walk.



this time

i chose to enjoy the walk

savoring each turn

each curve of the Labyrinth

not caring at all

whether or not i ‘had enough time’ for it.



the center is all awesome and stuff

but the walk is just as.


the walk is just as….


we are trained to focus on the destination.


goal setting is all cool and stuff

but so is the path.



or any day you might be thinking of this


to enjoy the walk

the path

the journey

instead of stressing about how to get there


how fast you will get there

wherever ‘there’ might be.



then when you find yourself all of a sudden there

this time

you didn’t miss the ride

the journey

the walk~


you realize that the end result is just another starting point for the next walk

the next journey

the next adventure.

and i walked the Labyrinth.


take that first step & enjoy the walk!

take that first step & enjoy the walk!



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