anatomy of purpose

Daily Nugget #132

anatomy of purpose


why am i here?

what is my life all about?

what am i ‘supposed’ to be doing?


have you ever asked yourself those questions?


finding our purpose is an adventure.

often we expect or assume that our life will deliver the answer

at the time we are seeking it


we will just know.



we just keep going along

slightly confused

not feeling totally fulfilled doing what we are doing.



things are ok.

you love your family. where you live. but something is missing….


you want to feel more meaning.

maybe it’s time to study our anatomy?

our anatomy of purpose.

let’s take a breath.

in thru the nose

out thru the mouth.


now think about the things you want to do

but are too scared to.


think about what makes you feel good

on every level.


now see yourself doing or being those things.

lean in to the feeling of it.

notice how your cells feel.

notice how your heart feels.


in order to ‘find’ what we are here to ‘do/be’

it takes a certain level of leaning in

taking risks

being uncomfortable

being willing to Leap in to the Unknown.


life really does begin at the end of our comfort zone.


when we get all comfy in mediocracy

we start to go numb

to the point that we stop noticing the clues our life is offering.


our life just starts turning off the clues because it starts to think:

‘hey. she’s not listening anyways.’


‘he is much too comfy for change. i give up.’


don’t give up on you.

don’t give up on your dreams.

peel thru the mediocracy


lean in to an experience that makes all of your cells tingle with excitement.

you lose track of time and days

you sink IN to the moment of feeling good

you expand on this until all the dots of your life are connected.


study your anatomy of purpose.

it contains most of all of the following:

love. joy. risk. excitement. leap of faith. courage. meaning.

fulfillment. tingles. magic. waves of emotion. change.

new people. new experiences. fun. laughter. tears.

discovery. adventure. growth. death. insight. tools. learning.



connect the dots of your life & see how things come alive!

connect the dots of your life & see how you come alive!










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