allow yourself to BE who you ARE

Daily Nuggalicious #120

allow yourself to B who you R.


do it.

there is no other you



shine your light!

you are the only one standing in your way.

here and now.


nothing feels better


nothing is more awesome

than the shining light of pure you-ness.


if we all shined


we’d be wearing our shades @ night.

we could see

see in to the dark corners

the spider webs of the

not-been-there-so-much rooms of our inner selves.


if we all shined brightly

there would be no UN-truth

no deception

no word unsaid

no heart un-opened.


we would embrace our brothers

our sisters of earth

our brothers and sisters of all races shapes and number of legs.


our mother

the earth

would shine too.

brightly with nourishment and beauty.


if we all shined bright

shined brightly

for all to see

including ourselves

this world

all worlds

would feel the light


bask in it

be healed by it.


we would experience a big bang

of healing proportions.

of joy

of love

of deeee-light.


this i see.


start now.

shine your light.

do and be what lives in your heart

no matter what your brain says.

tell it to shut up.


shine your light

so that others can shine too.

i’m shining mine now

can you feel it?



allow it to bring yours out of hiding

i seek the vitamin that can only be found in YOUR light.

nourish me.

nourish us.

lets nourish each other.

with our light.


shine it, baby!!

shine it, baby!!





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