allow yourself to be different

Daily Nugget #110

allow yourself to be different

follow your fire!

follow your fire!


i have Nugget-ed about this before

and it keeps coming back.

it was a theme for many this week.


you feel all new and different

but others won’t allow you to be.

they try to put you in some box: accountant. massage therapist. carpenter. brewer. tea blender.

the list goes on.

‘what do you DO?’

the familiar -get to know you- question.


why can’t we just answer:

‘i don’t do. i be.’


why does our work (at the time)

have to define who we are?

for goodness sake.


i have ‘been’ a zillion things in my life so far.

stop trying to box me in.

maybe i can’t be ‘defined’.


let’s start allowing each other to BE DIFFERENT

each time we see each other.

and not explain one another by ‘what we do’

or happen to be doing at this particular time.


yes, some people ‘do’ the same thing forEVER.

that used to be the norm.

gosh, but what fun is that?!


if we don’t shake things up

change things up

damn, life can get all stiff and crusty.


if we are to allow others to be different

we must start allowing ourselves to be.


it’s ok to do something different

be someone different

follow your heart

your bliss.

we can’t deny or ignore the changes within.

cause if we do

we eventually break


our life does


then we are ‘forced’ to change.


allow others to be different.

instead of asking ‘what do you do?’

ask: ‘what do you like to do? and what do you want to do?’

you will end up in a totally different conversation.

one that is more real. more authentic.


allow yourSELF to be different.

what do you really want?

what stokes your fire of passion?

take action in the direction of your inspiration!








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