allow the Flow to carry you

Daily Nugget #99!!!

allow the Flow to carry you.


what a cool place to be 😀


each & every now is a cool place to be.


we may be dealing with challenges

we may wonder how we will get thru.


thru is the best way out.

the way of least resistance.


experience the rawness of life

the delicacy of its balance

the constant

ebb and flow

in and out

perceived loss




the way we move thru this experience

is a choice.

we can chose to hold tightly

white knuckling

around each corner


we can point our compass to Trust


allow our lives to flow

with the current of nowness

feeling each event

treasuring our ability to heal

our ability to love




if we swim with it

we become a part of the flow.

if we choose to paddle upstream

we become

the log stuck in the middle

pushing against the current.

our muscles fully engaged constantly

our fight or flight on permanently.


eventually we wear

are carried away

usually in a state of un or semi consciousness.

was it worth the struggle?

the fight?

isn’t it easier to float?


we may occasionally become entangled

in the sides


washed to shore.

but we catch our breath


dive back in

knowing we are creatures of the Flow.

a part of it

one with it.


our borders become fuzzy

our pores open to our experience.


we spend a moment gazing above

and a shooting star

a bird fly by with a moth in its mouth

the rising sun.


allow yourself to float on your back

in the middle of the river of your life.

close your eyes

and see without them.

feel the next turn

become the ‘one’ that you are.

allow your life river to meander as it merges with time.

at this point

all time becomes simultaneous.

look around at what you have experienced

and what you have yet to.


allow yourself to flow

to merge

to let go


see where it will take you.

the river is your pilot

steered by your heart.


pass thru.

be free.

allow the Flow to carry you.


the best way out it thru.

thru is the best way out.




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