All wrapped Up

Daily Nugget #195

All wrapped Up


did you get some?

presents, that is.

all wrapped up.

did you give any?

presents, that is.

all wrapped up.

a-waitin’ for the Un

wrappin’, that is.


wrapping and rapping

two totally different things

do you rap when you wrap?

ha! that sounds fun.


are you wrapped up in yourself

your ‘issues’


your past?

wrapped to the point of blindness

of the what’s in Front of you

beside you

and so much more.


are you wrapped up in who you thought you were


who you want to be

thru someone else?


are you wrapped up in fear

that controls you

to the point <sometimes>

of pee-ing your pants.

or peeing your life out

before you digest it


before you grab the vitamins?

not noticing what you swallowed

or bothering to chew

so what’s the point?


All wrapped Up in Up-ness

damn, i wish that was the case.

most look down

down @ the ground

or @ their tech

not noticing that spacecraft that zoomed by.


maybe we see its shadow

moving at a strange pace across the land.

we’ve moved from wrappin’ to ET’s

with a few motions of my hand…..


the words come in rhyming

from time to sometimes time.


there’s something there

we can relate to

like a song

read thru our eyes.


All wrapped Up in goodness

that’s what I want and seek.

for myself


those around me

always AND in this Now.


All wrapped Up

in what?

you fill the blankness

it’s your choice

always AND in this Now.


All wrapped Up.

do you get it?

did you?

will you ever?

what do you choose to surround yourself with?

who and what and why?

are you aligned?

do you feel good?

is it worth trading your time for?


thoughts and thoughts and more thoughts


then there are some more…..

All wrapped Up

in Thought-ness

holy moly

who opened that door?


if it’s open

let’s go THRU it!



right NOW!


we can do it.

are you ready for some more?

what are YOU wrapped up in?!

what are YOU wrapped up in?!










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