after the rain

Daily Nugget #133

after the rain


after the rain

the earth releases her perfume

it is thick in the air


the scent reaches deep within.


i inhale deeply.

it feels like bliss.

total contentment




i exhale the dust in my soul


i feel polished and bright.


the moisture embraces me

my skin


my lungs.

the earth is soft

the colors sing

all of nature  rejoices in the song.


after the rain

the flowers open their eyes

the sprouts reach

the birds bathe.


do we dare step out IN to it

the wet

the rain?

as it rains outside

let it rain within.

allow the dark clouds of the past

to breathe their last exhale

to be met by the sun


burst in to rainbows.


after the rain

our faces are salty.

our eyes are puffy

our tissues are many.


the release from within

the floodgates are lifted

we begin to settle in a new place


new shores and new vistas.


others catch the scent of our newness


it moves them.

surrounds them with potential

reminds them of their own.


inhale deeply

the scent of the fallen rain.

out your window



one and of the same.

embrace the rain.

embrace the rain.



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