Acceptance is the New Confidence

Tales of a Double Virgo Episode 9

Acceptance is the New Confidence


Something to drink in thru the eyes <3

Something to drink in thru the eyes <3


The TALES they are a changin’.

I have been creating a visual journey as of late.

Instead of a written ‘journal’

I have been creating what I’m feeling thru images


things that I find on my walks: feathers. rocks. bottle caps. random pieces of trash.

I’m pumped to share them with you to enhance your experience.


Acceptance is the New Confidence


What a theme this has been lately!

SOOOOO much UNease about the state of ‘things’


the state of ‘self’.


It can be impossible to feel good

when we are NOT happy

with how things are going.


What if we practiced another way?

What if is was actually easy 

<yes easy>

to feel fucking amazing


Would you be willing to give it a shot?


Are you too damned addicted

to your suffering?


I get it.

We think things need to be hard.

<who made that rule?!>

We sometimes get off on the pain.

It gives us something to talk about

to complain about

to wallow in

and sometimes it’s a way to self punish.


That is no way to live.

Do you want to Thrive?! Enjoy life and BE joyful?


I want to feel good all of the time.

I am and have been willing

to question the parts of myself that hang on to the pain

to the suffering

to the beliefs that aren’t real.

Are you?

This is an important question to answer honestly.


Be okay with whatever your answer IS

and know

that your answer can change

if you choose so.


Be willing to release your grip on the UN


settle IN to the Fun!

It’s a Choice. It’s always a Choice.

What will you Choose?


Many blessings for your awakening.

Enjoy the show:


Thank you to the amazing and inspiring women in my life

who have helped me shape what my creative expression looks like.

I am grateful.





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  1. Powerful truths, totally relate….sending soul hugs and love back to you too! Thank you so much for sharing your blog posts, they always inspire, claim my attention and leave me wondering….xoxoJennifer

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