My story

<or at least the parts I remember>

I was born in Pennsylvania with much Virgo & Pluto in my chart.
I was a quiet, sensitive child. I spent a lot of time in the forest and with animals.
I felt nature understood me better than any human.
As I grew up, there was much I didn’t understand about the world and how people behaved.
I had a very tall, very skinny <and boney> body
that was mistaken for a boys body all of the time.
That troubled me. It seemed like a very long time before I had the body that matched how I felt.
I had very few friends. Was bullied & made fun often. That sucked.


I went to college, as kids did back then without question,
not knowing what I wanted my path to be.
There, I found my first resemblance of a tribe! ‘Freaky’ people like me. Ahhhhh.
I also found my hunny/hubby/partner in adventure & parenting.

We moved out west after he graduated <I didn’t. Fuck that shit>
Rewind a bit….
The summer before we moved west, I traveled cross country on a greyhound
<to Wyoming>
with 2 college buds to work in Grand Teton National Park for the summer.
I fell in love with nature that was far bigger than I had ever seen.

Me & my man moved to Big Sky Montana
so we could have a ski bum experience. Ski in ski out housing <dorm>.
I learned to snowboard and fell in love with winter.

Rewind again….
I met and became friends with my man a year before we actually ‘hooked up’.
I never thought I would want to date a friend. Turned out, he ONLY dated friends.
Weird….. tho at 22 years later, I’m so happy we stayed friends. Best foundation for marriage EVER!
Wow, maybe this is more of a love story….

After Big Sky, we moved to Jackson Wyoming near where I worked the summer before.
We began our lives as westerners <we are still here as I write this>

We lived the ski bum life for a while.
Then, the first ‘healer’ in my life showed up.
For the first time ever, someone recognized the things within me that I could not explain.
I began my journey to wield my sensitivities rather than be crushed by them.
This is also the time when I began my love affair with plants.

I eventually landed in a greenhouse job. I learned so much, began gardening
and enjoyed the company of plants once again.

That ‘healer’ woman saw me one day and said,
‘You have a baby in your energy field!’
WHAT!! This is not something that I wanted to hear
in my early 20’s in the prime of my ski bum career.

I took that seriously.

About a year later, we married, my guy & I
on the banks of Jackson Lake
at the base of the Tetons.
So freaking awesome.


We took a 6 week honeymoon in Hawaii
hopping around the islands.
As soon as we got back…
well, would you look at that!
I had a double ovulation <yes it’s possible>
and got prego with my first amazing son.

He was born in August in a special spot in the mountains.
Outside, with all of my plant and animal friends.
Just the 3 of us. Me, my man & our baby.
Whoa. Right?!

He is amazing. The most clear and focused human I know.
His heart is beautiful. My first born.
Things changed a bit after that.

My new role and ‘job’ as stay-at-home mom was also born.
I am sooooo grateful for that.

About 5 years later,
son #2 popped out.
Actually, he shot out <hence his name: Arrow>
To look in to the eyes of your child
and know that they see you for ALL that you are
and they STILL love you
is the fucking bomb.

When Arrow was about 2 ish
a friend suggested that I try selling teas at the local farmers market.
Up until that point, I had been tinkering with herbs
making blends for friends and family.

At the same time
a good friend from high school
<who was a tattoo artist >
came to visit and tattooed a dragon on my left arm.
My tea business & its name were born:
Dragon Lady Teas.

I started my path as the Dragon Lady
~Tea Goddess & community herb person~
It lasted 10 years <to the day!>
I closed it in the summer of 2015.

that’s a whole story of its own!

my life is much simpler.
I don’t have a commercial kitchen or inventory
or orders to fill or…….
I unplugged from everything for a while.
It took some time to heal. To grieve.
At one point after I closed up shop
I noticed how tired I was. WTF.
Then realized that my energy was STILL DOing all of the tasks
associated with the business.

Important thing for anyone to remember, actually.
When you leave something, make sure to take your energy with you.
I am a year and some change on the other side of that decision.
I feel better in many ways
tho I am still learning how to relate to the world in a non business-y way
As ME, not the Tea Lady.

I have been gardening again, a lot.
That has been helping hugely.
I ease in to my day <after I get the kids out the door>
I walk my dog. I intend how I want to feel & who I want to connect with.
I started blogging again, that feels great!

I am learning to play the Ukelele AND I’m enjoying lots of tinkering in the art world.


What an amazing thing
to do a life review.
Tho there are many details left out
you get the picture:
Sensitive. Loves her family.
Plants and animals are the bomb.
At a new phase of experience AND service.

This is where you come in…….