a new lens

Daily Nugget #161

a new lens


ever wonder what it would be like

to put a different lens

on how you see your life


the world?


perspective is amazing


we each have our own>

sometimes believing it to be the only.


what if none of us are right?


what if we ALL are?


there can’t possibly be a ‘One Way’

to the center?

with the vast number of unique BEings on the planet

there has to be an infinite number of ‘Ways’.


perspective can shift your mental


belief highway

from a dirt road

to an interstate.


a new lens.


my lens is changing.

you really DO see what you expect to see


what you are looking for

no matter what it is.


people. situations. events.

can all cause a rise of emotions

that are linked to our beliefs.


the only real foundation of belief

is that

you believe in it.


they are meant to be changed




i used to believe that you couldn’t be ‘spiritual’

if you shaved anything or cut your hair.



i used to believe

that i could do everything myself.

until i believed that i didn’t want to anymore.


lots of people don’t believe that plants can talk.

what if you could hear them?


the earth used to be flat….



i watched and listened

to people reacting to other people

to other people’s beliefs


i remained neutral.


it’s wild to NOT get a rise

to not feel judgment.


i can’t even explain it.

working thru the layers of belief





it’s nice to have a new lens.


everything that is,



as humans

are the reason for the emotional charge.

WE attach the ‘good’ or the ‘bad’ label.


everything just IS.

events are neutral.

we attach the ‘label’.


what a trip to even consider that perspective.


WE are the labelers.


why do we label?



life is a different experience without a label.


notice what you are judging.

notice what you feel strongly about

what gives you a rise

notice where that might be coming from.


everyone has a ‘charged’ topic.

one that makes your inner waters churn.


imagine if you could take off that lens


slip on a new one?


have no lens at all?!


this is something i can’t really describe.

all i can say is,

‘i freaking love it!’

it sure opens up the world.

it sure opens up potential


doesn’t lock anybody or anything

in to a permanent position.


after all

we are in a change-a-thon.

it IS the only constant.


if we allowed others to BE

it would allow them to be more.


judgement can put a frame around something


trap it within.



let’s practice allowing everything to Flow

with Grace and Ease.

there is always a bigger picture

a deeper story

that we do NOT know.


practice taking off your belief lens

your judgment lens


watch life go from black and white

to color!!


you just might wake up to a whole new world!!

you just might wake up to a whole new world!!















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