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My most heartfelt desire is to help YOU feel better.

Feeling better = flow, ease, joy, and magic in EVERY SINGLE MOMENT.

I am a listener. A communicator. A connect-er. A Bridge.

Whether it's plants, animals or energy-fields- I speak those languages and translate them for you to use as  Transformational PowerTools!

Have a look around and reach out if you have questions.

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In order to fully BE our best, we must nourish our vessel-body by consuming things (on all levels) that uplift, support, and bring us JOY.

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Sometimes our animals are the portal thru which WE heal ourselves.
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Learn what lives in YOUR energetic field and discover tools to change (& REorganize) your physical experience by focusing on your personal imagery. 

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Release the Feels

Partnering with Essential Oils for Inner Freedom

  • Release the Feels (RTF) is a practice of Paying Attention, applying Essential Oils & Breathing. (Created with Young Living Oils & blends.)
  • RTF allows you to release the accumulation of a lifetime of unresolved feelings that reside in the body. (Unresolved feelings turn into physical & life challenges.)
  • RTF, when practiced, has the potential to take your life to the next level. You may feel lighter/brighter, less attached, AND more present. (The reward for commitment + consistency = RESULTS!)
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