Tales of a Double Virgo

Episode #31

aMuse me


ah, the muse.

do you know yours?

talk to her (or him)?

can you feel your muse coming?

hear her voice.


do you listen when ideas come

inspired thoughts

a creatively striking moment



do you keep an idea pad in your back pocket

your purse

your glove box

tucked in your bra.





a person or personified force who is the source of inspiration or creativity.


do you have a name for yours?

a relationship?

a love affair?

do you roll thru the fields together


do you dream up your dreams?



that which has atrophied?


my muse

is a force.

i know her

she used to be quite distant.

i would

‘wait for inspiration’


wait and wait and wait.

until i learned to call to her.

with practice

this took.



wanting to know her deeply.

letting her know she has a voice.


i can’t imagine life without her.

i can’t imagine how i’d feel.

dry. blank. sparkless. empty.


my life

with her

is rich with possibility.

abundant with ah ha’s!

she makes my blood pump thru me

she gives me hope

my magic wand.


she urges out from my inners

the words that describe my me.

the me that is uniqueness


groupness at the same time.


the creative force that unites


gives voice to my stay here on earth.


my muse

my friend

my guiding poet

my beam of inspiration

my connector of all connectors

who creates the oasis in my would be desert.


who is your muse?

get to know her/him.

the ticket to your flavor of expression.

learn how to connect and seek out

your beloved


discover the place where you meet.


it’s a lovely dance.

the muse loves the playful seekers.

find her

love her



treat her with care.


the muse is a necessary ingredient for our optimal wellness


truest expression of self.


aMuse me.

laugh. play. have fun!
do the things that bring you joy.

she’s most likely to be there.

remember the times you have felt inspired.

revisit that feeling.


my muse loves to meet me outside

in the woods

with the birds

the sun


a babbling stream of water.

she waits for me there


i must remember to go.



when i am clouded by darkness

she comes looking for me.

she scoops up my lifeless body


breathes a field of wild flowers IN to me.

i can smell the them.


thank you

my muse.


it took me years to find you.

listen to you.

trust you


for you to trust ME enough

to come when i call.


you are always there.

you are always here.

thank you.

i love you deeply.

breathe it in…