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Omg. I don’t know where to start! Dee has supported me thru the biggest transition of my life. Her thoughtful care and loving guidance helped me believe in myself, set goals and learn how to say ‘NO!’ I am finally doing what I love, surrounded by a life that supports me. Thank you Dee! I recommend this work for all of you women out there who are feeling small but know you are big. Take the leap! Carrie

Mentoring client

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Daily Nugget #185 alignment   my car is pulling to the left…. my body is twisting to the right my ‘job’ drains me this relationship is tiring my body feels heavy my head is full i’m freaking out.   alignment. our cars need it our... read more

observing ourselves thru others

Daily Nugget #184 observing ourselves thru others   bam. i mean what else are we gonna use as mirrors? we certainly aren’t THAT self aware yet..   today when walkin’ my doggie i observed a behavior change. hmmm i thought. how is this mirroring my... read more

the stuff we see

Daily Nugget #183 the stuff we see   for some of us our super-sight is BEing activated.   how many times have you seen something and then talked yourself out of seeing it. sure that you just ~couldn’t have~ ?   things are creeping in to our... read more


Daily Nugget #182 perspective   ah perspective. you have the power to change everything.   i have a deep tired right now. it’s dark it’s cold. i want to curl up and sleep forever in my cozy house.   this cycle of the sun emptying empties me.... read more

what the cold does

Daily Nugget #181 what the cold does   the temps are shifting as are we. sometimes this causes a poop-a-thon to the Nth degree.   i’m not sure why the current ‘shift’ is causing such a rift within me. splitting myself in two or maybe... read more

The Myth of Love & Pain

Daily Nugget #180 The Myth of Love & Pain   Love & Pain they seem to go together. in fact we often assume that they are a team.   we keep our hearts closed tightly in fear of the pain denying ourselves the love that we NEED need like air like water... read more